Spiritualism . . .
A Way of Life

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church (NSAC)
East Street, Box 1128
Lily Dale, New York 14752

Tel: 716-595-3971 (answering machine)

Facebook: LilyDaleSpiritualistChurch

Website: www.lilydalespiritualistchurch.org

All Are Welcome
Spiritualism is a Way of Life!

Sunday Service September 6 in Auditorium at 10:30 a.m.

Church Schedule resumes September 13th in The Healing Temple at 10:30 a.m.

Important -- Please Note:

(The Lily Dale Spiritualist Church website ending in .COM is not
the official church website.  It is maintaned by a private individual not under
the supervision of the Lily Dale Spiritualist Church)


President, Carol Gasber            716-595-3590
Vice President, Bernie Payne    716-969-5838
Secretary, Rev. Lynne Forget      716-595-2194
Treasurer, Cyndi Pirog               716-361-6959
Trustee, June Woollett                716-672-7711
Trustee, Anita Eklund                 716-485-3492
Trustee, Raymond Taft               716-338-8065

Spiritualism . . .
A Way of Life